Friday, May 27, 2016

I am a victim of rape

I am a victim of rape. Really not a victim because I made it happen. I am very bad. Awful. I should not be allowed near children. People say, “Low self-esteem, very bad judgment, naïve, foolish, stupid, slut.” It’s all the same to me.

I am a victim of an inevitable rape. Like dominos, the events fell one by one through the years – until it happened.

And this is what you deserve and this is what you need and this is what you get and this is how the world treats you when you are stupid, foolish, naïve, low self esteem, raped. You are social pornography. You are a slut. You know how to treat a slut don’t you? You treat her like she is disposable, your treat her like she is the punch line to some joke, you treat her like a receptacle. You treat her like a jerk off magazine you don’t have to hold up.

And she knows she is wrong – and she knows you are right – and she wonders if she should hate you…or just take the beating.